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Child Custody Laws

Laws On Child Custody

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If you are a father, mother or even a grandparent looking for strategies on how to win the legal battle for child custody, you have come to the right place. We have the best books on the subject of Child Custody Laws written by experts. 

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With increasing divorce rates and the number of children who have to live with divorced parents, child custody laws have become increasingly focused on the rights of children and the other people who have a part to play in their lives ie the parents and grandparents.

To win child custody, you have to be prepared but most parents are not knowledgeable enough to know what their strategies should be, at least not until it is too late.  So we have collected valuable information and resources where you can read and be in a much better position to win your child custody rights. 

Family Law Child Custody can be a stumbling block to many people gaining custody and can seal the future of many children.  So take this opportunity and study these books and work out your right strategies.


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Family Law Child Custody Checklist Items

As a parent fighting for child custody, you will find that there are many items to think about and consider as you prepare yourself in any dispute. It is very important that you prepare yourself by getting a checklist so that you can better organize yourself in the preparation. Most parents have little knowledge of what they need to do and it is not advisable to just depend on your child custody attorney.

These checklists have been prepared using all the experience of experts in the field who have actually been involved in Custody Cases in different parts of the country.
Many of these items are included in an in-depth fashion in the well known book, PSYCHOLOGISTS' CHILD CUSTODY STRATEGIES which you can get here. This book has been updated and is presently in its 20th edition and it has helped thousands and thousands of mothers and fathers gain their child custody arrangement.

Some of the items that you need to know would be:-

To know if your lawyer is right for you, based on the experience, knowledge and training of child custody laws. Hiring the right lawyer is probably the most important thing that you can take. Experts have found out through their years of experience that without the right lawyer, you will be at a disadvantage, no matter how much effort you put in.

So get the right recommendations is most important and you should be making this decision only after you have looked around. Don’t rush in. Check out with friends, your usual lawyer, bar association, etc.

You would need to make a list of the other person's weaknesses and strength. This is usually your spouse or former spouse, but may be others too. Do not just concentrate on the weakness but you must look into your opponent’s strength as well. Be honest about it as only your lawyer will see the list.

Try to view your strengths from various angles, like the view of the judge, your job and economic situation, etc. Do this also for the other person.

Decide then if you have an advantage and whether you would like to initiate the custody case or you would like to settle the case.

Work out some Draft Custody Plan. Write out what you want. Of course you will not be able to get everything but at least you know where to go.

Differentiate your wish items in terms of which ones are more important to you. Then at least you know where you can negotiate on. These will be part of your bargaining chips. You should also make up your mind wheter you would like to go for a temporary custody plan.

It is also important as part of your preparation, to find out what your family court looks at when awarding custody. It can help you to better assess your position. See if your judge will view you favourably as many judges have specific prejudices.

You also need to know if your opponent is using alienating strategies as you may need to counteract these strategies.

Try to foresee if the other person may make false allegations and find out how to refute them. Look for witnesses that can help you do this. Prepare your witnesses like how they should dress and act. You should also decide on the clothes you will wear and the image you would like to project.

If you are dating or living with someone, you may want to decide if it is a suitable time with reference to your case.

Make an inventory list of your assets and determine which asset came through your marriage. Determine also how much insurance, including medical coverage you and your child need.

What about education plans for your child and how much earnings you may have yourself in the future. Also estimate the opponent’s estimated future income.

You don't want any surprises in court so make a list of all the things you have not told your lawyer. Some of these could turn out to be important.

You may also need to decide on a Custody Evaluation that can help. You would need to get recommendations from your lawyer or friends to find the right one. 

 Child Custody Laws